Sunday, January 31, 2016

Playing Catch Up!

I'm never quite sure how I get so busy and let so much time go by between blog posts!  I was doing so well for a while!  My goal is to try to do two or three a week from now on.  Sometimes I think there is nothing that interesting that goes on in my life to be able to sustain one post a week, much less more than that, but then again there are times that I think that if any producers of reality tv were close-by for any length of time that we would be offered a reality show on the spot!  The hilarity that goes on between me and my children, my parents, baseball tournaments, and some of my friends would definitely have America cracking up.  

School started back in August and is going fairly well. I will just say that you've really not lived until you have home schooled two boys, and I'll just leave it there!  

Dalton's birthday was in August and Aunt Julie surprised him with a ticket to see Little Big Town at Bon Secours in October.  She got her and Sara Jane a ticket, as well as one for me. It sure felt like a LONG time from August to October!  Finally it was time for the concert...Julie took Friday off from work and spent the night here on Thursday night.  Friday morning we went out for breakfast and then we started getting ready for the concert.  Dalton and Sara Jane gave us our own private LBT concert that afternoon.  We posted one of the videos to Twitter and LBT liked our video. The concert was great!  Maren Morris opened for them and she was so, so good!  Just recently she released several songs on iTunes.  I think she will do very well.  Little Big Town sang all of our old favorites, plus lots of songs off of their newest album, Painkiller, including Girl Crush. 

Our weekend of fun ended with going to Clemson's homecoming game. It was Sara Jane's first time in Death Valley. 

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas came and went and we had a great time celebrating with family and friends.  

Halloween 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Christmas 2015

We had our first snowfall, and hopefully last, of the season last weekend.  Something about the snow makes me want to cook and bake.  I really needed an intervention!  I baked all kinds of cookies, brownies, etc.  I made two huge pots of soup, chicken noodle and potato, and of course when the snow started falling, I made snow cream.

The boys sledded all day long on Saturday.  Sleds weren't good enough, so they took to racing the kayak down the hill towards Lake Keowee.  Lots of laughs, and no it made it a successful snow weekend.  

January is almost over, February is one sleep away, and summer is within my reach!  

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