Monday, February 15, 2016

It's Time for the Grammy's, Y'all!!

Dalton and I share a big love for music, so it's no surprise that we are fifty shades of excited about the Grammy's tonight!!  Joey told me once that I was the only person he knew that if you changed the station I could keep on singing.  I saw a meme once that said "My musical taste ranges from 'You need to listen to this now!' to 'I know, don't judge me.."  That is 100% me!  I love music from Lady Gaga to Loretta Lynn and so many in between!

It's no secret that my favorite group is Little Big Town (and Dalton's too!), so I am soooo excited to see them perform tonight.  Plus, they are up for several awards!  I may do another blog post about some of my favorite artists and some songs you need to listen to by them, but Little Big Town is just good.  They have amazing harmony, and so many artists have what appears to be overnight success, but LBT has worked super hard to be where they are now and I'm so excited for them.  They are so humble about it all, almost as if they can't believe it themselves.  

Anyway, getting into tonight's awards, I'm going to tackle the categories and call them as I see them.  It'll be fun to see if I was right on any of them.

Record of the Year
The nominees are Really Love, Uptown Funk, Thinking Out Loud, Blank Space, and Can't Feel My Face.  I think the winner will be Blank Space.

Album of the Year
Sound & Color (Alabama Shakes), To Pimp a Butterfly (Kendrick Lamar), Traveller (Chris Stapleton), 1989 (Taylor Swift), and Beauty Behind the Madness (The Weekend).  I'm calling 1989 on this one, thought Chris Stapleton has certainly made waves in the music world lately.

Song of the Year
Alright, Blank Space, Girl Crush, See You Again, and Thinking Out Loud.  I think that Girl Crush will take this one and I'm certainly biased in my opinion, I know.  However, this song was huge and played non-stop on country and pop radio for months.  Plus, LBT is awesome.  Pretty sure I've mentioned that.  

Best New Artist
Courtney Barnett, James Bay, Sam Hunt, Tori Kelly, & Meghan Trainor.  Tough call on this one..I think it will go to Sam Hunt or Meghan Trainor and I love them both.  When Meghan came out with All About that Bass even though I liked the song, I didn't figure I would like anything much past that, but I absolutely love the song Like I'm Gonna Lose You.  It's great.

Best Pop Solo Performance
Heartbeat Song, Love Me Like You Do, Thinking Out Loud, Blank Space, and Can't Feel My Face.  I think it will come down to Blank Space or Can't Feel My Face.

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance
Ship To Wreck (Florence and the Machine), Sugar (Maroon 5), Uptown Funk (Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars), Bad Blood (TS and Kendrick Lamar), and See You Again (Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth).  This is a tough one because at the last three of these songs were on repeat for every radio station.  I personally preferred Bad Blood, but it's a toss up for me on who will win this one.  If I had to call it, I'd say See You Again might take this one.

Best Pop Vocal Album
Piece By Piece (Kelly Clarkson), How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful (Florence & The Machine), Uptown Special (Mark Ronson), 1989 (TS), and Before This World (James Taylor).  I think Taylor Swift will take this one.

I love Elle King, so I am hoping she will take the Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song categories.  

For Best Rap Performance and Song I am going with Fetty Wap for Trap Queen.  Love this one!

Best Country Solo Perfomance
Burning House (Cam), Traveller (Chris Stapleton), Little Toy Guns (Carrie Underwood), John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16 (Keith Urban), and Chances Are (Lee Ann Womack).  I think Chris Stapleton will take this award, or at least he should.

Best Country Duo/Group Performance 
Stay A Little Longer (Brothers Osborne), If I Needed You (Joey & Rory), The Driver (Charles Kelley), Girl Crush (LBT), and Lonely Tonight (Blake Shelton). I'm calling Little Big Town on this one.  Girl Crush is amazing.  

Best Country Song (singers are in parenthesis)
Chanes Are (Lee Ann Womack), Diamond Rings & Old Barstools (Tim McGraw), Girl Crush (LBT), Hold My Hand (Brandy Clark), and Traveller (Chris Stapleton).  I think LBT will win this one, though Chris Stapleton could be trouble here.  He would be well deserving, but I'm rooting for LBT.

Best Country Album
Montevallo (Sam Hunt), Pain Killer (LBT), The Blade (Ashley Monroe), Pageant Material (Kacey Musgrave), and Traveller (Chris Stapleton).  I think Chris Stapleton will take this one, but, again, I'll root for LBT.  I don't have the Traveller album, because men singing rock/country isn't my typical favorite for everyday listening, but I DO have LBT's Pain Killer album and I love every single song.  If in doubt about their harmonies, google them singing the National Anthem at the NFC Championship Game!  

Now, there are tons of other categories, but these are the ones I listen to most, and if I attempted the rest it would just be a wild guess.  As far as perfomances, I'm excited about:

Little Big Town 
Tori Kelly
Luke Bryan and Meghan Trainor (and others) with Lionel Richie
Sam Hunt (but I don't really care for Carrie Underwood very much...I know, I know...bring on the haters.  I like some of her songs, and have several of them in my music library, but I don't just love her voice.)
Chris Stapleton & Bonnie Raitt (I LOVE Bonnie Raitt) 
Lady Gaga is taking on David Bowie, which should be amazing, because it's Gaga, and she is amazing! And Taylor Swift and Rhianna should be good as well.  

Make sure to download the Periscope app and follow your favorite artists on there! Many of them will do live red carpet moments and other fun stuff!

Who are your favorites and do you think my guesses on winners are good ones?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. I think you may be right on several of these. I would love to see Joey and Rory win just because of their story. Also I recommend getting the Traveller album! I really like it! I love all types of music as well it should be a great night for that!

  2. I agree about Joey and Rory. I have followed their story too and this would be something amazing to add to it. I may download Traveller and see how I like it! Can't wait to watch the show!! Thanks for the comment!