Sunday, February 28, 2016

Ramblings of Baseball and Periscope

We've had a couple of nice weather days here in South Carolina.  Winter weather is seriously bi-polar here.  I was scrolling through some of my Instagram pics and saw one from last year where I was sporting a sunburn on my face from sitting at a baseball game, when just a week prior we had snow on the ground.  We had a baseball tournament yesterday and I wore a hoodie, leggings, and boots.  I was about to burn slap up, but as soon as the sun dropped below the trees I had to break out a blanket.  Today I wore capri leggings and flip flops with a t shirt.  I'm a total summer girl, so I can't wait on warmer weather to get here.  Tomorrow will be right around 70 degrees, so it's certainly looking up!

I just cracked myself up that I've not blogged in two weeks and the first thing I talked about was the weather.  Lame!  You would think that I would have more to blog about, but for the most part right now my days consist of school and baseball.  Until mid-May and it will consist of SUMMER BREAK and baseball.  I was working on lesson plans earlier and realized we would be finished up, with a spring break included, by around May 18th.  Sure makes starting school in early August worth it when you realize that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!  Me, Dalton, Julie (my sis), and Sara Jane (niece) are going to Charlotte to see Kenny Chesney on the Friday of our last week of school and I just found out the other day that our travel ball team is heading to Charlotte that same Friday to play in a tournament.  Worked out perfectly! Great little vacation to start our summer break!  We go to Chattanooga for another tournament in June, and we head to the beach for a non-baseball vacation in July.  We'll play several other local ball tournaments in May and June.  I can't wait for travel ball to start.  We have so much fun!

School baseball is going well, too.  I'm not all up on homeschool laws everywhere, so I don't know if it's a state by state basis, or nationwide, but here homeschooled kids are allowed to participate in sports at the school they are zoned for.  So Hunter tried out and is currently playing varsity baseball as an 8th grader.  (He may still play JV as well...we are still in preseason games right now.) It's a bit of an adjustment, mainly because he's the only middle schooler on the team and we don't really know anyone yet, but size wise my kids are enormous.  Hunter's 6'2" and 240lbs and is probably the biggest dang kid on the team.  He turned 14 the end of September.  I'm 5'2" so he's a whole foot taller than me!  Of course, my 11 year old is already taller than me, too.  They definetly don't get their size from their mama!  

We have a couple of tournament games this week and regular season games start next week!  As soon as school ball finishes we will go right into travel ball and play May and June, break during July, and pick back up in August and play until the first of November.  Have I mentioned how much we love baseball???

This is totally random, but there is an app that I just love called Periscope.  Not sure if I've mentioned it on here before or not, but it's a video app and you can watch (or make your own) videos and interact with an audience.  I basically use periscope for my celebrity obsessions, because so many of them will answer your questions (that you type on the screen while watching their video), and it's just super cool.  I've watched music artists Periscope while walking down the red carpet, watched Tony Goldwyn (aka Fitzgerald Grant from Scandal) do a live video from his home and answer fan questions, etc. My latest Periscope find, thanks to my friend Lindsay, is a guy who goes by the name of @cowboy1up.  As Lindsay told me, he basically drinks beer while listening to country music and will dance around, while sometimes taking his shirt off!  It's serioulsy hilarious.  I believe he works a job in the oil field industry and after work he Periscopes!  You can find me on Periscope @lorimland.  Seriously, download the app if you don't already have it and then add me.  Might be fun to do some Periscope sessions!

Here's Mr. @cowboy1up in action hahaha

Speaking of apps, if you have any apps that you just love, share them with me in the comments!  Always looking for something new and fun!

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