Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Dinner Was a Winner

I've had this pesky little allergy/cold thing going on this week and let me tell you...I am SO over it. My eyes have itched, my throat has had that annoying tickle that makes your eyes pour water, and now my nose is all stuffed up. It's summer. Give me a break!

So tonight I did another really yummy meal that was sooo simple!! Chicken Philly Sandwiches. Let me tell you, I put all that in the crock pot and by the time I did some stuff around the house and ran to the post office to mail some bows and came back in the house the smell in here was to die for. I am blogging from my phone app and I don't have my usual linking tools at my disposal, but if you want to see the actual recipe you can click my Pinterest link at the right of my blog under "My Social Media."  My food board is called "yummy for the tummy" or something like that. Ok, anyway, here is what I did. You wil need:

A couple of pats of butter
An onion
A bell pepper
1lb of chicken breasts (I used three big breasts.)
2 tbsp steak seasoning (literally they have this at Aldi's for $.99 and it is so good)
Hanburger buns (it actually calls for sub rolls but I just got buns)
Mozzarella cheese

Throw all of that in the crock pot on low until the chicken is done. I put my chicken in frozen around 9:45 and at 5:20 when I checked back it was good to go. I took my hand mixer and just quickly shredded up the chicken mixture.  I took a 1/4 cup measuring cup and put a scoop on to each bun and put a little shredded mozzarella on top of the chicken mixture. I buttered the top bun and put it all on a pan and put it in oven on broil until the cheese was melted. We just had chips for our side dish tonight. It was really good. Both Joey and Hunter ate three a piece! 

I've got to decide in the morning what I want to do for dinner tomorrow night. Im torn between buffalo chicken casserole and chicken pot pie. Decisions, decisions. 

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