Monday, August 3, 2015

Sweet Summertime

We are winding up our last week and a half before school starts back for us...trying to squeeze out the last ounce of summer before it slips away.  I love summer.  And I mean loooooove summer.  Now, I'm no fan of the God awful humidity that we have here in the South, but there is nothing better than sitting in a shallow area of cold river water and hearing the rushing of the water.  It's so peaceful and relaxing.

There is also nothing better than spending weeks by the sea. If it weren't for my family, the boy's friends, etc, I would seriously consider living there.  I absolutely love it and am always sad to leave and I always look forward to the moment that I am there again!  We ended up in Garden City this summer with two of Joey's cousins and their families and we had a great time. We went the week of the 4th this year and let me just say that watching fireworks on the beach is highly overrated.  There are certain rules for fireworks depending on the city that you are in, but in GC fireworks are allowed so everybody and their brother were shooting them.  Like 5 feet in front of you, typically while holding a can of beer.  lol  All I could think was please don't let one of those bottles turn over and launch a missile towards us!  I was much more content to watch them from the balcony at our house.  At least we can say we had the experience!  Here's a video of Dalton boogie boarding.  Oh, how I miss it!

I do look forward to certain things about fall, like fall baseball, hoodies, boots, college football, and Friday night high school football.  As much as I love summer, I do enjoy the change of the seasons.  I get quite tired of the cold, grey days of winter, but a typical southern winter isn't too bad and we only have a few days of bitter cold, sometimes not at all. 

My meal planning has gone really well.  I added the video of the steak, broccoli, and beef rice on Saturday.  On Sunday I made a breakfast casserole and fixed a pot of cheese grits as a side.  

The recipe I used was really simple.  

8 slices of bread cubed
1 lb of sausage (browned and drained) 
1 1/2 cups cheddar cheese
6 eggs beaten
1 cup whole milk
a good squirt of mustard (I added this myself bc typically everybody in my house likes mustard on sausage)
salt and pepper to taste

Cube the bread (as shown in the video I just tore it and tossed it in lol), top with the browned sausage, add the cheese.  Beat eggs and add the milk, salt and pepper, and the mustard (if you opt for that) and pour over the cheese.  Bake for appx 40 mins at 350. 

It was really good.  I made two big dishes and a large pot of grits and it was basically all gone.  My parents, sister, niece, my two boys, husband, Hunter's friend Garyson, and myself all ate it and we all ate as much as we wanted. Was a great meal!

Sunday after church we just came in and made sandwiches because we were planning on going to the water during the afternoon.  As soon as we made the sandwiches, I quickly assembled a crock pot lasagna so dinner would be ready without much effort later.  The recipe can be found here.  As usual on the weekends, I had a houseful..same crowd was here as on Saturday and we cleaned out the lasagna!  It was soooo good!!  We had salad and Texas toast with the lasagana.  


I haven't figured out why my videos are only a small blip in the middle of the YouTube screen instead of full screen.  I'm using an app called Video Merger to combine the small blips of video that I take to make a whole video.  So I'm not sure if that's the issue or not.  If anyone knows, feel free to comment and tell me!  

We have had five pretty full days..last Thursday Hunter spent the night with a friend and Dalton had a friend spend the night, then Hunter had a friend spend the night on Friday and the same friend of Dalton's stayed one more night, then Saturday and Sunday night Hunter had another friend stay over and we ended the day with a wiffle ball birthday party in Clemson for another of Hunter's friends.  Tomorrow we have no plans and I plan to float a good bit of the day!  Tomorrow night I've got a version of Outback's Alice Springs Chicken on the menu.  I'm quite excited about that one!  

I'll end this entry with one of my favorite quotes about sweet summertime.  

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