Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tuesday Ramblings

So, tonight I made a copycat version of Outback's Alice Springs Chicken.  That is my favorite dish there.  In all the times I've been to Outback, that's the ONLY meal I've ever had there!  So, I was happy to find this recipe on Pinterest.  I did make a video, but it was long and so I just decided to forget it today!  Here is what I did, though.  It was only the four of us tonight, so I had four chicken breasts.  I put a little oil in a pan on the stove top and put the chicken in it.  I sprinkled the chicken with some "table blend" seasoning and just cooked it slowly until it was done without getting crispy.  I transferred it to a baking dish where I coated it with honey mustard (I made it from scratch and will add the recipe for it down a little further).  The boys had bacon sandwiches for lunch so I saved 4 pieces and crumbled them up and put them on top of the chicken.  Then I sprinkled some cheddar and mozzerella cheeses on top.  I put them in a 350 degree oven until the cheese was good and bubbly.

Here is the recipe for the homemade honey mustard....well, technically it's not a recipe because I didn't measure anything, but it's really easy anyway.  Four ingredients:  mayo (and here in the south we use Duke's and Duke's only), mustard, honey, and seasoning salt.  I was using it on 4 chicken breasts, plus I wanted to have some extra for dipping, so I did three big spoonfuls into a bow (I'm guessing maybe 3/4 of a cup of mayo?), then I added some mustard...maybe a couple of tablespoons, a good bit of honey..at least a half of a cup, probably more.  I used a whisk and mixed it up.  You can sort of tell by the color if it looks like honey mustard you have eaten before...you can also just taste it to see if it tastes right.  Once I get the color that I know it should look like then I just shake a good bit of seasoning salt into it and stir it.  It's sooo good if you like honey mustard.

For sides with our chicken I did oven roasted corn.  Here is the recipe I used. I have lots of corn from the garden in the freezer and so I just pulled out some and did it in a baking dish.  I didn't just love it the way that the person who pinned it did, but it was good.  I still think I like it better boiled.  It was dryer than I am used to, but it still had a good flavor and there wasn't any left over.  I also did garlic mashed potatoes.  I did mashed potatoes from a box and I added garlic salt and some parsley and salt and pepper.  Lastly, I did some crescent rolls and made some cinnamon honey butter to go with it.  To make the honey butter I just put a scoop of butter into a bowl, added about 1/4 cup sugar (just to give it a little grainy texture), some honey, and a few shakes of cinnamon and took the hand mixer and whipped it up.  It was yummy!  The boys loved it.

After dinner we went to my in law's house at the lake.  Hunter wanted to fish and my father in law had pulled a big watermelon out of the garden and they wanted us to come and have some.  It had a good flavor and everybody loved it.  I'm probably one of the only people I know that doesn't just love watermelon.  I like the flavor ok, but I can't stand the water part in my mouth.  It reminds me of how you feel just before you throw up and sometimes I just can't make it go down lol.  Anyway, I ended up walking down to the water with the boys and their cousin, and Dalton wanted to get in the water.  It was still so muggy and I didn't have my swimsuit so I just threw caution to the wind and jumped in with my tank top and leggings.  Hunter told me after that he thought somebody was drowning and that I was going in after them. hahaha  In the midst of all that, Dalton tells me that he thinks he's got a tooth ready to come out...well not one, but two teeth were ready and so both came out at the lake tonight.  He had four teeth that the orthodontist wanted out before we come see him again in November and if they weren't out by then we would need to have them pulled.  So two down and two to go!  He will get his braces most likely sometime in between November and April.

I'm down to the last bit of planning for our school year to start.  All I lacked getting together was a grade book for each boy and our first couple of books with guided reading questions.  Finally got the books picked out and the guided reading questions printed out today.  Public school starts back here on the 18th, which is two weeks from today.  We are going to start a week from tomorrow.  Dalton's birthday is on Monday, the 10th and then we are going to just enjoy one last day off that Tuesday and we'll get back to the grind on Wednesday the 12th.  I can't believe it's time for school to start back!  Seems like just yesterday we were sitting in a Mexican restaurant celebrating the last day of school. 

Time flies!! 

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